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Israel Jerusalem Info Service, Insiders' tips Israel Jerusalem.

Hebrew Roots Israel Jerusalem

RiRi Real Israel real information

RiRi Ap(artments) – Yachad: The Housemate Project!
RiRi Ap(artments) – Lonely flight, Lonely Stay –
not with RiRi!

RiRi Ap(ARTMENTS) Yachad —“Community“ instead of Solitude!

RiRi invites you to join us: Privacy within Familiar Atmosphere!

European Comfort with Middle East Hospitality!

European Punctuality with Israeli Spontaneity!

European Down-to-earthness with Israeli Attitude towards life!

Learn about the Israeli life and conceive the Jewish Spirit.

  • The small private Synagogue for all those who don’t dare yet ...

  • Synagogue Services in private environment

  • About the Shabbat and the Jewish Festivals

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