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If I forget you, O Jerusalem ...
Jerusalem, city of the Great King, the capital of Israel and melting pot of the three monotheistic world religions ...

Jerusalem, where King David and King Solomon reigned, is the city where all the promises of the prophets will come true at the end of days. Jerusalem – the eternal focus of the nations and a Holy City for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Jerusalem – unique and incomparable, beloved and controversial, cosmopolitan and religious, modern and traditional, inhabited by a host of peoples of different traditions and different backgrounds. No other city sports such distinct contrasts and no other city enables such contrasts to live peacefully side by side.

Every year Jews from all over the world flock to Jerusalem in search of their true home. Why do they do this? What is the secret of this city which leads all kinds of people to leave everything behind them in order to spend the rest of their lives here or in order to come and die here?

Discover Jerusalem’s amazing history, listen to the moving life stories of its residents and learn about the Jewish mind and Jewish life style!

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