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  • Sit in the president's succa!

  • Jerusalem then – now, founders and heirs

    • Discover Mahane Yehuda Shuk and the pittoresque neigborhood of Nahlaot.

    • Retrace Teddy Kollek's steps with the Jerusalem Foundation

  • ​"This is what I always wanted to ask the Rabbi."

  • "Making the desert bubble" – Visit a brewery in the Negev desert!

  • In the steps of our forefathers: visit the Biblical Park of Ariel

  • "Help, I got robbed!" "This knocked my socks off!" "Gosh! I have gone into labor!" "I am here but my suitcase is in London!" Tips for critical situations and help in dealing with: emergency calls, police, first aid, doctors, airport & customs.

  • "Middle East Behaviour Training" or: "In the Middle East life proceeds at a different pace!"

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