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Hebrew Roots Israel Jerusalem

With RiRi  trace the Hebrew Roots of the City of David

Jerusalem – Melting pot of Traditions, Languages and Religions
The bustling heart of old Jerusalem

The picturesque neighborhood of Nahlaot is situated in Jerusalem’s city center, but when you step into it you are cut off from the noise and tumult of the center and you find yourself in a  labyrinth of narrow streets and courtyards which take you back in time -- to the odors, legends, customs and atmosphere of the late 19th century when residents first began to settle outside the walls of the Old City. On this tour, you will discover the oldest areas of Nahlaot.

Odors and tastes: Mahane Yehuda

On this tour, we will wind our way through the colorful Mahane Yehuda market with its lanes, shops, peddlers and food stands. We will first discover its different ethnic areas -- Kurdish, Iraqi and  Georgian. Then we will see where the market began and how it developed We will even find signposts with ancient names. We will discover the historical Casino de Paris and  see the former homes of the famous Banai family which lived in one of the market’s lanes.

The haredi islands of Nahlaot

Nahlaot is also the home of different groups of ultra-orthodox. We will enter a world that seems strange to us with its own rules and customs. We will learn the differences between the various haredi groups and about the philanthropists and kind-hearted individuals who sponsored the building of entire sections of Nahlaot. We will find out why these haredi islands were created in the city center and how they interact with their surroundings. We will visit a neighborhood that does not belong to Nahlaot but is located close by and reflects other interesting aspects of the haredi world.

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