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RiRi helps you to get to discover Jerusalem in your own individual way, make contacts, cope with bureaucracy, offices and everyday life in Israel.

RiRi helps you to run errands and deal with: the post office, bank, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Absorption, etc. and serves as a hotline to your embassy.

RiRi helps you trace your Hebrew Jewish roots and learn about the return of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

RiRi offers an All about Israel on site Service and provides lectures and tours about "walking in Abraham's paths" all over Israel!

Experience Jerusalem, by tracing the Hebrew roots:

> Life in the Middle East


> Only in Israel


> Jerusalem, my City!


> Hebrew Jewish roots

RiRi My Jerusalem

Discover Jerusalem, not as a tourist, but just for you, together with RiRi. Meshugge or everyday life in Jerusalem. Locations telling stories; unique places, pubs and culture. In brief: Jerusalem, affair of the heart!

RiRi My individual package

Plan your individual trip with RiRi. Finding the appropriate accommodation; route scheduling and more; in advance or on site. Israel ABC for newcomers, helping hand in daily life affairs. Various offers of lectures and tours.

RiRi Tracing My Roots

With RiRi tracing the faith and the tracks of our forefathers. Lectures about the Hebrew-Jewish roots. Insides into the Hebrew language and Judaism. Optional: Celebrate Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, visit synagogues.

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